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My custom domain name is not validating

If your domain is not validating, here are some common reasons:

The NAME requires a suffix

Some domain registrars require you to add the CNAME NAME with a suffix.

For example if the NAME is abcdef try adding the NAME with your domain as the suffix. E.g.

Additionally, some domain registrars also require you to add a trailing . (dot), E.g.

Your CNAME updates haven't updated yet

It can take some time for the CNAME records that you've applied to reflect across the internet. You can use a tool like to check this.

Your domain provider requires a dot at the end of your values"

Your domain provider requires you to add a CAA record

You may need to add an additional CAA record for successful validation:

Type: CAA
Name: @
Tag: issue
Flag: 0
CA Domain:

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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