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Adding records to your DNS provider

From your control panel, navigate to the Custom Domains section and click Add.

In the popup, enter a valid domain name and click Add.

You can choose to validate a full domain name (e.g. or specifically a subdomain (e.g.

If you choose to validate the full domain, you can later upload sites to any subdomain you want via the control panel and without the need to add further CNAME records.

Automatic Set-up

We use Entri to automatically add the relevant DNS records to you domain provider.

Entri should automatically detect your domain provider, request you to sign-in and then add the relevant DNS settings.

If Entri cannot detect the domain provider then you will be asked to select your domain provider.

Manual Set-up

If the automatic set-up fails you can add the relevant DNS settings by yourself using the details we have sent in an email

STEP 1: Add DNS Records to your domain provider

Please refer to your email for the exact values, the following are dummy values:

NOTE\nName and Value may be labelled differently based upon your domain registrar.

Record Set A:

Record Set B:

Record Set C (optional root to www forwarding):

Type: A Record
Host: @

STEP 2: Test your set-up
It can take some time for the CNAME records that you've applied to reflect across the internet. You can
use a tool like to check this.

You should test your set-up by ensuring the correct value for record set A displays in ALL regions

STEP 3: Validate your set-up
Once ALL the regions show the correct value, please navigate to your tiiny host control panel and click the "Validate" link next to your domain in the "Custom Domains" section.

Redirecting root to www

This is automatically handled if you have out @ record added to your DNS. See more here: Domain forwarding

Updated on: 03/03/2024

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